Our name CORREA 3 was born with the third generation of architects of the same family. The first one was created by Eugenio Correa Fuenzalida, who joined Guillermo Acuña Herreros and Eugenio Olivos Moreno in1940, all of them architects and classmates from Universidad Católica, to create ACUÑA CORREA OLIVOS ARQUITECTOS.

Because of Olivos death and later Acuña’s, Eugenio Correa Fuenzalida creates in 1970 CORREA-CORREA ARQUITECTURA Y CONSTRUCCION jointly with his sons both architects and civil constructors. This name represents the second generation.

In 1999 is created CORREA TRES ARQUITECTOS LIMITADA society, where Eugenio Correa Alliende joins his architecture sons Eugenio y Sebastián Correa Murillo, the third generation.

On September 2nd 2011 we deeply regret the tragic passing of our beloved son, brother and partner Sebastián Correa and his wife Catalina, who dead in the tragedy of the jet to Juan Fernández, performing roles of corporate social responsibility.

We have been drove by the philosophy of a sustainable Company, that shares its profits to workers and is socially responsible performing free projects to nonprofit institutions and foundations.