We are inheritors of the legacy and view of three generations of architects and inspired by our partner Sebastian Correa and his social and human values which infuse us with respect, responsibility and trust in our team.

We are looking to offer architectural and engineering integral solutions, that benefit our direct and indirect customers and that improve people’s life quality. Projects with well-designed solutions that sustain themselves in economic, environmental and social issues.

Our team dreams with becoming the best for the world and being an example to the next generations.


Focusing on quality and efficiency of all processes involving architecture and specialized engineering.

We want to add a seal of happiness, trust and professionalism in the relationship with our both internal and external customers by sharing our more than 50-year experience in the field.

We offer our customers all our creative and innovative capacity, in a look for being the best professionals for industrial and mining field by always acting firmly and determinedly with happiness and honesty.


We offer professional quality services of architecture and engineering in all its technical specialties, according with our customer’s needs, we work building confidence and commitment to serve people in a sustainable way through quality and clever proposals.

Correa 3 curriculum consist of a broad range of requests consisting of more than 732.000 m2 of built projects and a tradition of three generation of architects with more than 50 years of experience.